Each time I paint it is an adventure for me.  There is no plan, no intended outcome, just a beginning with consequences.

I start with a gesso primed canvas, acrylic paint and plenty of water.  With adapted yoghurt pots I pour diluted pigment onto a well wetted surface, sufficient to allow colours to flow and merge together at will.  I avoid intervention as much as possible, only doing so in order to nudge forward a promising pictorial development, or to redeem a failing canvas.

My interest in harnessing the characteristics of paints liquidity evolved from my previous fascination with photographs of gas clouds and nebulae taken by the Hubble deep space telescope.  The flowing of colour into colour without edges became a pictorial challenge which resulted in an extensive output of paintings.  The use of colour wash began to creep into my working method and has since evolved into my present approach.

Accidental and unplanned developments are an integral part of my painting.  The early influence of abstract expressionism has been an enduring one.  The stepping out into the unknown with faith in intuition and the subconscious seemed so exciting to me.

Without intention my paintings are often strongly resonant.  I am quite happy to go with the flow of this.  Working with unpredictability and achieving surprise results pleases me.  What is particularly thrilling is the anticipation of an exciting outcome when returning to a painting that has been left overnight to do its own thing.  It can often be a very different painting from the one left behind and can be disappointing on occasion. This however, does not deter me at all.  In fact it strengthens my resolve to push forward with my work and continue my journey.

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